Here’s the deal, I just moved to Brooklyn and well, it’s not the first large city I’ve moved to but this city offers different expectations than I’ve experienced before. My main job right now is to land a job. I’m recently unemployed due to the cross country move from Chicago. I had a great job there, along with a fantastic apartment (the best apartment, such a grown up apartment, gorgeous!), 30 mile bike path along a lake, ladies Kung fu and a warm, wonderful community. And in doing something like pack up my life to come and be in NYC and to just love this man, well, it certainly gives pause to consider self identity. And in that contemplation, I realized that without a job, routine and scheduling, and well, time, become more arbitrary, just completely more of your own. This week I started this blog in part to keep my writing skills sharpened, to learn WordPress, but mostly I wondered if in the day to day explorations of my new life, could I find a purpose? Even if my purpose right now is to simply write.


Today I went to my Friday morning yoga class which I’ll write about on another day. Today I want to talk about my visit to Crest Hardware. Simply because you have to head there and go to the garden and meet Franklin. Franklin is the Vietnamese potbelly pig that lives in the back garden area of Crest Hardware. First of all, I love hardware stores in general but a hardware store with a pig wins hands down. Go see Franklin!

He even let me scratch his leettle head.

This store is amazing for quite a few things besides Franklin. First off, it holds an art show each year: Crest Hardware Arts Show 2011

As you walk around, you’ll notice quite a bit of art interwoven amongst their wares. And their wares are sweet! Plants, along with the usual fare of plumbing and electric supplies, are complemented by the super friendly staff. I had a total of three interactions and each of them pleasant and welcoming.

Then of course there is the back garden area where Franklin lives. This is a beautiful spot to just wand around, close your eyes, take a few deeps and relax. Luscious plants and more art make for a happy stroll. Plenty of plants and supplies to purchase.

I found a huge fig tree just full of figs. I was super jealous.

Here’s my fig tree.

I left Crest Hardware feeling really grounded and full of joy. Oh, could be the yoga added to the joy as well.

After I left the store, I walked along Metropolitan, stopped by Salties’ for a Chocolate Pastiche and on to Bedford.

Ran across a wonderful vendor who had a delightful little array of rings, necklaces and bracelets for sale. One in particular caught my eye – a little sparrow on a birdhouse. He wanted $15, went down to $12 and finally gave it to me for $10. Sorry, unemployed so I had to ask! The best $10 I’ve spent so far.

Which looks so much better than when I last threw punches at the bag.