As the balmy winter days come to an end, I was able to slip in one last lovely excursion into Chelsea to meet up with a friend. Hopping off the L train at 8th Ave, I made my way north to 22nd St to have lunch at M Thai. There wasn’t any good reason to go there, no recommendation from a friend or review, I was simply hungry and it had a nice little crowd happening.

Once again, I have to confess that I was too hungry in the moment to think about taking a picture of the food but suffice it to say that it was quite good, if not a bit typical Thai. I had a noodle dish with beef, onions, Thai pickles with a very light brown sauce. The portion was perfect. Not so much that it overwhelmed or left me with take home but enough to fill my belly for a nice long walk before meeting up with my friend.

I think part of the charm for me were the lovely yellow flowers on all of the tables against a backdrop of red.

But the final bit of voyeuristic lush was walking into a dark bathroom only to realize that I was looking out a one-way mirror into the dining area. Ahhh, I had noticed the mirror behind the bar but little did I realize that I would soon be spying on my fellow diners.

Of course, just around the corner on 23rd St. was the famous landmark I had hoped to stumble upon – The Hotel Chelsea.

With a special homage to my music god, Leonard Cohen…